Relaunch – the Ideas Behind It

Welcome to – your new and improved online casino source. As you have probably noticed, all players are now redirected to our new domain when trying to access We worked hard to not only combine and change the concept of both domains but also to come up with an improved and innovative design. The process was long and took more time than expected as we tried to make sure that every little detail is as perfect as possible. To begin with, our new design is not only modern and user-friendly but also fully mobile-compatible. Thus, you will now have the chance to access useful and valuable gambling information wherever you are. You can be confident that each of our recommended casino sites is completely safe to use. In fact, we have tested them ourselves to make sure they operate up to the highest standards. As creating a trustworthy final product has always been our priority, all the information, tips, reviews and guides that you will find on our website have been checked, tested and verified. For your safety, we only use reputable sources of information and never speculate. Before and After the Redesign

Project Scheduling – What Does It Take?

The relaunch of is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects that our team has ever worked on. To begin with, we had to go through thorough planning and scheduling to make sure that our new site would include diverse, useful and trustworthy information. Our design team also spent long hours preparing a new and innovative web design that would ensure easy navigation and outstanding performance. Of course, we also worked hard on the technical details – the process of moving and combining domains is long and complicated, but our efforts ensured an outstanding final product. We truly hope that you will enjoy not only the new concept and information but also the improved quality of our website.

What Is the Main Focus of Our Website? – Details and Safety

Wondering what you can find on In a nutshell, the main focus of our newly launched website is to provide a list of certified online casinos. Thus, we analyse and test each of our reviewed and recommended casino sites to make sure that they are fully safe and licenced by the official authorities. We also state valuable safety information and help players identify the best and secure online casinos. To do so, we explain all essential details about the controlled profit distribution, encrypted data transfers, SSL certificates and protected accounts. Additionally, we regularly promote responsible gambling and make sure that each of our featured online casinos collaborates with official organisations that help prevent gambling addiction. We hope that you will find helpful and useful and will always be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions.